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As you know, last Friday new new album went live to preview and preorder on iTunes and Google play and now, today, I want to let you know that I shall be interrupting my national tour with former Westlife frontman Shane Filan, to celebrate the completion and release of this album. It’s been 18 months in the making – If you don’t include the year long songwriting challenge from which most of the songs originated – and so we are hosting an extra special gig at the world headquarters of the Sound and Audio Engineering Institute in Oxford on Thursday the 20th of October.

My fantastic 6 piece band who helped me make the album, and I, will welcome you into a real recording studio turned into a live music venue just for this occasion and we’ll perform the whole album for you live.

You’ll be able to enjoy the real recording studio environment, receive a complimentary drink on arrival, a meet and greet with me and live music from my brilliant band and our special guest support act. Then you can also be among the first to get your hands on a hard copy of the CD.

Here’s something of what you can expect from us…

The show is just three weeks away today. So don’t hesitate. There are limited tickets so I recommend you get in early and secure yours. Here’s the link to BUY YOUR TICKETS

You’ve supported me so long and I would love for you to be a part of this celebration of a major milestone in my career. I do hope to see you there.





So it’s time for a HUGE announcement – Yes! Another one! My new album, Pivotal, is about to be launched!!!!!!! It comes out officially on the 14th of October but you can pre-order it NOW! Wooohooo!! I’m super excited and super proud of what we have achieved here!

If you want to get a little idea of whats in store for you check out this video of the first single Under The Lightning.


Pre-orders will receive this track ahead of the official release date and of course any pre-orders will help push this album into the charts so please do order one and encourage the folks you know to do the same. I’m so excited, i’m sure you’re going to love it! :)

iTunes:                 https://itunes.apple.com/album/pivotal/id1157549131?at=1l3voFY&app=itunes

Google Play:       https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B4oehvltpx4w5f2hnnqqhbxfh3q

There is also going to be a launch party gig on Thursday the 20th of October at 7:30pm, when I am going interrupt my UK tour supporting Westlife’s Shane Filan to join my 6 piece band and perform songs from the new album at the world headquarter of the Sound and Audio Engineering Institute in Littlemore, Oxford. You can get tickets for that here.




Shane Filan Tour

VanLIfeLoy headerSo let’s recap. What was that challenge I set myself? Build my own ideal campervan/tour bus, and take my show on the road – First the UK, then Europe and the USA. Well Luna Van Blanc is finished as you know, the new team Loy are in place as I mentioned last week, and now… Now it’s time for me to make that other announcement I mentioned.

Ladies and Gents, I am very, very excited to tell you that as of the 12th of October I shall be off supporting Shane Filan on his Right Here UK tour!!! I am his one and only support act! Wooohoo! I’m super chuffed and excited that Shane is having me along to open for him! We shall be playing 10 dates in theatres and concert halls down the country from Dundee down to Portsmouth. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me and I can’t wait to live out this part of my dream.

Not only that but I shall also be launching my new album the same week! The album is officially released in time for the tour on the 14th of October! You’ll be able to pre-order it soon and I’ll tell you about ASAP. But tickets for the Shane Filan tour are already on sale so you can get on that right now. Dates and ticket links can be found here. I do hope that you’ll be able to make it to one of the shows and witness for yourself this milestone in my career?

When I first set myself the challenges I didn’t have any of this lined up… I just had the intention and somehow everything has fallen into place and the intentions are becoming reality. It’s sooooo amazing. I extend my gratitude to everyone who helped make this happen, you know who you are, and especially to Shane for having me along.

Looks like the show is on the road – See you on tour!






As you might have noticed of late it’s been all change in my life. Moving house, building a van and becoming a van-lifer is only part of the story. I hinted in my previous blog that there is more to tell and that’s true. I have some important news to bring to you this week and I’ll be doing it in two parts.

Firstly, today I am very excited to announce that I have signed a deal to join forces with Resound Media and their sister company Sound Consultancy. Yep it’s only taken me 8 years to let anyone in on the action but I was waiting for the right time and the right people. Now I think I’ve found the right team to help take my music to a wider audience.

imageAndy Baker heads up both Resound Media and Sound Consultancy (among others) and I met him back in October last year when he emailed me and invited me to his studio to discuss helping me having seen my poster in the local pub – Who had found me in another local pub, who had found me on the net; small steps in a big chain of events! Don’t despise the days of small beginnings, as they say –  So anyway, I went and we chatted about where I was at, what I hoped to achieve and how Andy and his team could be involved.

Due to the rollercoaster of life we didn’t team up straight away but instead observed each other’s work developing… I saw his artists supporting the likes of Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Peter Andre (playing the O2 arena!) and Justin Beiber, and I couldn’t help but become more and more interested. The nearer my album became to finished the more I wanted to work with Andy.

So it’s finally happened!  We teamed up. And I couldn’t be happier. What that means for me is that I finally have some serious help managing my career, in the marketing and promotions of my new album and public profile, and in the development and booking of my live shows.

And that leads me on to my next announcement… But that needs to wait just a couple more days! Aaargh! Yeah, frustrating isn’t it! But if you want to hear about it 24 hours anyone else, sign up to the mailing list and you’ll be privy to the news first.

‘Till then, Luna and I are heading back up country to spend yet more time in the studio with the band getting ready for the next phase… Oooeee!

Sending you lots of love and gratitude for supporting me throughout this crazy wonderful adventure!




Branded Luna Sq

VanLIfeLoy header

Hello! I’m sooooo sorry to have kept you all hanging for this particular blog post. People have been bending my ear about it for the last couple of weeks. But as I share with you in coming blog posts what has been going on in my life I suspect you’ll forgive me – ‘What?! More suspense Nikki?!’ Yes!! Really exciting stuff has been occurring but I can’t share it with you just now. But what I can, finally share, are the photos of my ‘finished’ van!!!! Wooooo hooo! Finished has quote marks because I’m finding that I am constantly wanting to make improvements and adjustments here and there. I think that may carry on for quite some time. Anyway, with out further ado, I give you, near as damn it, finished Luna Van Blanc!!

So I am going to show you around as though you were stepping in the door with me in real life… First I’d pull back the sliding door and this is the view that would greet you…


So this is my kitchen, I have a little round stainless steel sink with pull out mixer tap. I wasn’t sure what I’d use that for but turns out it’s pretty handy for putting out the window and cleaning things like either the sand off myself or giving the loo a good hot wash! Because, yes I have hot and cold running water. :)  I have a wooden work surface (previously Chris’ desk) with a section that lifts up to reveal the gas hob. Beneath that is a grill and a gas oven. My gas cylinder is stored in a custom built gas locker that Ant made for me under the sink where I also now have the kitchen drawer finally fitted and a couple of shelves for cleaning and laundry stuff. There’s a black out blind over the window and in the kitchen units above I store drinks stuff and various bits and bobs for cooking. I met up with auntie Dear the other day and she kindly bought my birthday/christmas pressies super early.. So now I have a whole new set of cookware to go with the new kitchen! As with all kitchen’s it gets a bit messy sometimes.. and one thing on the still to do list is fit a rubbish bag holder inside the cupboard.. When I work out where I can get one!? Anyway, thought you’d appreciate both the tidy and the messy pics.

Blog 6 Comp Kitchen

So next up is the dining room! It’s important to me to have real wood under my bare feet, so we did that. I am also a super huge fan of empty space. It’s important to me to feel that I can have space if I want it.. For things like yoga when it’s raining, or a place to create on the floor if I need to, and for easy access in and out of the van. So I designed a dining room that folds away completely. The seats fold up, the cushions are stowed above the cab along with the table and the leg.


Whilst I was in Scotland I made some curtains for behind the cab, across the sliding door and for the back doors. They have been so useful! Anyway… moving on. I have also taken to dropping the table top onto the seats and adding more cushions to make a day bed. This has proved to be a fabulous idea, especially when the night is warm, the view is great and the door is open.


Okay, so turning round next is the bathroom. As I said, I have hot and cold running water and quite a big van which means there is room for a shower!! The shower tray doubles up as the floor for the toilet as well. It’s all pretty simple but effective. I have an LED light in there and an extractor fan in the ceiling. In the interests of constant never ending improvement I have already reorganised the shower so it’s a little different to the pics but basically the same stuff. Suction hooks are super handy and stick really well to the white plastic lined walls. This was not a ready made shower cubicle. Dad built the whole thing from scratch using ply wood, plastic sheeting, shower tray and plumbing parts I brought with me and fitted it all to the far from straight walls.

Blog 6 Comp Bathroom

On the shower door hangs a full length mirror – Can’t cope without that! The shower cubicle helps to give structure and a little privacy to the bedroom.


The bed is 6ft 1in in length and about 4ft wide with a very comfy memory foam topped mattress. It can sleep two if you like cozy and intimate. Dad built me some shelves for my books and bits and made a space for my laptop and a little TV so I can do some work or watch some films :)

This space really comes into it’s own when, like yesterday, I can park up by the beach and open the barns doors to the view.


Anyway… Opposite the shower cubicle is my other storage area. Nearest the bed is the hanging wardrobe. Next to that are three cupboards: Shelf at the top, larder cupboard below with a cubby hole behind, clothing and other bits below that, and at the bottom on roll out casters is a chest fridge. Beneath the bed we fitted the chest of drawers that I used to have in my studio at Bay Cottage, turns out they are the perfect width.

Under the bed the other side is my store. It’s not very pretty really. Just full of life and work junk… Well that and the water tank and pump, and the inner workings of my electrics. Two leisure batteries that power both a 12v system and a 240v system via 600watt inverter, when I am not on mains hook up. I recently ran the batteries flat by accident so I got Ant to fit the solar panel and that hasn’t happened since.. Anyway,  the curtains my mother made to cover it are much nicer to look at :)


One of the good things about taking a little time to post this blog is that I have lived in it for a few weeks now and captured a few photos of van life as I have gone along so you can get a feel for what it’s like morning, noon and night.

Blog 6 Comp Van LIfe

So I’m reaching the end of my Great Reveal as I have shown you most of the treasures my little (big) van has to offer. Now I thought I’d share with you just a few of the sights we’ve seen, doors open to the world. If you want to see the full compliment, check out and follow my Instagram.

Blog 6 Comp Views

Before I go I want to say one last massive thank you to my father in Brittany, Stephen Loy Carpenter and Joiner, whose birthday it is today (Happy Birthday Pa!) and without whom Van Life Loy would not have been possible. Also to my fabulously talented friend Anthony Winter at Kustom Revival for bringing our work to life. To my mother for the curtains, the emotional support and the food, to my aunt for help with the other curtains and bits… And to Dear for the cookware. You all built me beautiful van with your talents and your love, I am forever grateful!

To the rest of you… That’s challenge one done! So let’s see about challenge two and get this musical show on the road!!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch on my facebook page. And if you missed the post where the story began you can read that here: An Announcement – Van Life Loy. Be sure to check out all the posts in between too

Lots of love,




VanLIfeLoy header

I met Anthony Winter 19 years ago, the day we started a foundation course in Art and Design at Somerset College of Arts and Technology.. Or SCAT as we all called it. He had dreams of car design and already had a burning passion for reviving old VW’s, completing 4 years of work on a Beetle just before I met him, and I wanted to be an Illustrator. That’s us in a photo booth circa 1997.

NicNak n AntAnt is one of the most creative people I know. His work stuck in my head: The bicycle he brought to college painted like a Friesian cow edged all over with favourite song lyrics, the illustrated letters, the pair of polystyrene Lobster claws he made me once, the cool dude painting that was a clock (I think!?!?) in the final show, the camouflage jiffy gift bag I got through the mail for my birthday.. If camouflage is yellow and metallic purple!! And the passion for cars!

Nearly 20 years goes by, (somewhere in there my Dad builds his Mum and Dad a reclaimed pine kitchen that’s till going strong!) Ant starts his own business, Kustom Revival, specialising in everything from general servicing and repair, to complete nut and bolt resto’s. Engine and drivetrain conversions, bodywork repair & paint. Custom fabrication, interior work & everything else in between. 

Me? Well, most of you know what happened there… I did become an illustrator ‘til I realised how dull it is and went for my other dream, music! But all the while I’m holding on to another plan: To go back to Ant (when I have made enough money from my chart topping album!) and do a project with him. Maybe a Beetle, maybe a camper… When I started working on Luna I didn’t even think to involve Ant – It wasn’t a VW!  But as the technology involved got the better of me I realised I needed help. One day I dropped him a line and asked if he knew how to fit some gadget I wanted to install. ‘Yup’ he replied. Then I asked another question, ‘Yup’.  And another, ‘Yup!’

So that was it. Never mind that I had asked for tenders from 3 other companies. If Ant knew how to do this job, Ant was doing it. And how much fun it would be to catch up after so long! Even though it didn’t feel like that long – You know how it is, you don’t see folks for a decade but letters and emails, then later facebook and instagram, fill in the gaps.

Whilst I was in France Ant and I thrashed out what I needed electrics-wise and got on to ordering stuff sending most of it straight to his workshop.

I was so excited when I turned up as his workshop early Wednesday evening. Luna having her electrics done was one thing but catching up and working with Ant on my van was a little dream come true! Okay my album hasn’t (yet) topped the charts and it’s not a VW but hey, the manifestation of your desires don’t always look the way you think they will!

With some expert manouvering from me and Luna, and some jacks and kick skates from Ant we got my massive beast of a vehicle into the workshop ready to start work the next morning. Then we headed back to Ant’s where I met his wife Cindy and two adorable girlies. They kindly let me stay because we would be taking Luna apart: Wheels off, jacked up at angle, bed mattress stowed in proper VW campervan to protect it, bed slats rolled back for access to the electrics cupboard – She was not habitable! But that meant I got to know Ant’s lovely family and that was really great! :)


Ant and Cindy’s girls aged 4 and 2 are super duper Frozen fans (of course they had a Frozen party once with a brilliant 7ft Marshmallow Man Ant painted) and so am I, so they wanted me to sing Let It Go for them. I was only too happy to oblige but whilst I have learnt that song to sing I hadn’t learned the guitar parts so one afternoon while Ant was working and I had finished my own jobs, I sat in the van and learnt the rest of the song for them. I left my capo in Ickford so I had to improvise a little with what I could find around the workshop, clamps to the rescue! I managed to give them a (slightly dodgy) 8am croaky version the next morning!


We spent 3 and half days on the van in total.. When I say we, really I mean Ant did all the complicated electrics, opening up the engine, running wires underneath to the back and connecting my leisure batteries. Installing a 12v system, a 240v inverter system, and 240v mains hook up as well, connecting it all to my existing electric circuits. He also rewired my stereo to my leisure batteries so that I could use the stereo independent of the engine. I have been known to run a battery flat just listening to music!

Blog 5 KR Comp 1I wired a few sockets and switches but mostly I did other stuff like painting and fitting yet more catches and bits and bobs I hadn’t managed in France. Oh and I made sure that we had lots of tea, and breakfast!

Despite Luna being all upside down and wotnot, we still made use of her dining room – ‘Til I snapped the table in half using it as a day bed (the wrong way round) and had to repair it again. Doh!   

All the while we were working on Luna in the first couple of day there was this incessant cheeping.. A family of Robins had nested in the workshop and the babies were just beginning to take flight… I snuck up and managed to take this pic of young robin with crazy feathers sticking out the side of his head like trumpets (look very carefully).. And then they were gone, flown the nest and the workshop and all was quiet again.


It got really hot while I was at the workshop which was great.. who doesn’t love a hot summer!? Temperatures in the van hit 29 degrees! But then I learned all the things in the van that needed heat proofing. Everything that had glue basically. All my sticky velcro melted in the heat and fell off. Even my satnav fell apart. The solution? I drove up to Scotland where the weather is miserable and reset it all. Lol. No seriously. I replaced the glue with suction pads. Much better.

Anyway… So now I have lights! And I can run my laptop and tv/dvd player and various other electric gadgets, the water pump is properly hooked up and pumping, which means fully running water. Oh yes, and my fridge! That means ice cubes… which means gin and tonic! Yaaaay!!! Though the tonic water was flat by then, not so yay. 

Blog 5 Comp 2

We slightly under estimated how long it would take to do these works and ended up doing it in two instalments, working very long days, again! I didn’t mind. Ant’s workshop is in a beautiful location, (you saw the views right!?) where I stayed in Luna one night (awoken the next morning by the revving of a Ferrari in the neighbouring bodyshop), and I’m happy to get this done at all! Did I say two instalments.. We haven’t actually finished. I have to pop back yet to add the solar panel to the roof and enclose my gas cylinder in a special steel cabinet Ant is going to make me.

Anyway, injuries-wise um.. I think Ant managed not to damage himself (except for being overworked by me) but I had a run in with the door. Literally. This was my worst one yet, worse than falling out of the van head first. I sprouted a bump on my head that felt like I might be turning into a unicorn and the awful bruise on my arm raised a few eyebrows when people have asked what happened and I answered ‘I walked into a door’. But honestly, I did! Or more of a bounding leap. There’s even CCTV footage to prove it!

Anyway, I’ve had a fab time in Luna with her newly installed electrics. Lights, DVDs, running water, powered laptops and phones, extractor fans and icecubes! A proper campervan. What’s not to love?! I don’t yet know how long I can run all this before the batteries go flat. They are recharged from either the mains, the engine running, or the soon to be installed solar panel. I haven’t run them flat yet… and I watched tele for a long time last night! But I have do do a hell of a lot of recharge miles! ;)

Nicnak n Ant 2

I am hugely grateful to Ant (this pic circa 2016) for all the work he has put in getting electric Luna up and running. This is a major milestone in the build, she’s become truly liveable and that’s really something. Really something. There’s a few things left to do and then… The Great Reveal!!!!

One last thing. If you are thinking of reviving a vehicle, or customising it, and you live anywhere near Horsham, go see Ant at Kustom Revival. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Really.

So.. til next time

Lots of love,


Photo credits: Ant took the pics of me.



VanLIfeLoy header

It’s 10am, I have just cooked myself breakfast, washed up and tidied the kitchen and settled down at the table in the sun to write this blog post. I have been van-lifing for about 2 weeks now… Give or take a number of days spent at friends for various reasons…

‘Soooooo?’ I know you wanna know, ‘What’s it like!?’

Well honestly I think this last 24 hours might be the closest I have got to what I would call normal life. And it’s awesome! But let me back track a bit and tell you about what’s happened since I left France.


So after a long drive but a quick ferry journey from Cherbourg to Poole I landed back in the UK late Friday night and needed somewhere to park up. One of our favourite family beach spots has always been Studland Bay and I remembered seeing vans up and down the back of the beach so I drove over there to try my luck for a wild camping pitch. When I arrived I discovered that there were midnight to 6am parking restrictions. Doh! So that was out. Fortunately just after I’d passed Corfe Castle I noticed another van (just like mine) parked in a large lay-by at the side of the road, it’s windows glowing slightly. It was almost 11pm (midnight for my body still on french time) and I needed to stop. Views were no longer a necessity I just needed somewhere safe and fairly flat. The fact that the other camper was there, parked perpendicular to the road and well back, gave me confidence so I backed in beside it.


At this point I hadn’t yet had any of my electrics hooked up and Lutine had smashed my gas lamp earlier that day so I lit candles and put them in glass lanterns while I got ready for bed. The cigarette lighter plug was still wired up to the water pump so I did have running water that first night to clean my teeth but that was it. I wasn’t yet happy with my gas set up so I didn’t try for the hot water as well. With curtains also still to be installed I only had my insulation mats to block the light so I put them up and jumped into bed. I was knackered and pretty much just passed out straight away.

The night was uneventful, I slept well and I was awoken about 7am the next morning by the sound of the other van pulling away. Up early I guess to go and grab a spot along Studland Bay. I took it kind of leisurely rising about 8am to go into Swanage. This photo is from my dining room.


Aside from toasted tea cakes and coffee on the beach, my day was not to be spent lazing about on the sand. I had to get going for another trip down memory lane. I had a school reunion to attend that night in Honiton! So after a quick wander round Swanage town centre where I acquired some hooks and catches to install in the van, I set off. I admit, I only got as far as Corfe Castle. There was a lay-by beneath the ruins and it was too tempting to park up somewhere so picturesque for a while. So I pulled in to did some moving in type maintenance. I installed some of the hooks and catches and a carbon monoxide detector – Important, that!


Then I set off again down the rather gorgeous stretch of road that is the A35. I spotted a herd of 5 or 6 beautiful Fallow deer at the side of the road. That was pretty special. I had found out from Google that there was a great caravan supply shop in Charmouth so I heading there. I needed to change the regulator on my gas cylinder – To one that didn’t leak!!!

I have to say that the folks that run Dorset Leisure Centre couldn’t have been more smiley, lovely and helpful. I went back and forth to the van figuring out all the things I needed and nothing was too much trouble, and they had everything in stock. They were amazing! Really.

Sadly it was a huge contrast to another caravan shop, in Oxfordshire, where a certain member of staff had the most appalling attitude every time I went in there. In fact today I pulled in with the van hoping the shop would be manned by someone else, it wasn’t. She saw me, I saw her and I pulled straight back out. I didn’t even switch the engine off. If only she had realised how much money I have spent on this van, and how much business and free publicity she might have got from me if she hadn’t been such a cow! Instead I’m ranting about her online. To quote Pretty Woman ‘Big mistake!’


Anyway… I when I got to Honiton I celebrated the now, safe, non-leaking gas regulator with a cup of tea hot shower! In Tesco car park! Classy. But it was quite amusing. Because of my privacy windows, the guy parked next to me, munching on his sandwich and sucking on his fag, had no idea that I was prancing about in a towel. He was totally oblivious. Haha! (sorry the pick is of the tea not the towel!)

I got ready for the reunion. The full works of course. Nothing less when seeing a bunch of people I haven’t seen in 22 years, most of whom previously thought me a crazy nobody.

It was a great night and for the most part my memories of being bullied and ostracized (which I concede I might have brought on myself) were replaced with an understanding of who everyone has become. We’ve all (well most of us) grown and changed and turned into someone different. I had some apologies to make and some to accept. It was a really amazing time learning all my old friends and adversaries a new. And wowing a few of them with the brand new campervan!

In fact I feel like the build with my folks in France, the visit to my favourite family places in Dorset, the return to my home town, seeing my old class mates and other old friends, and then later catching up with Ant (tell you all about that in the next post) has in some way re-set me. The last 6 months have brought so much emotional and physical upheaval that to return to my roots and remember where I started and who I was before all this, well, it reminded me who I am now and who I want to be as I start over again. It’s not that my memory is erased… But I feel grounded again. And oh how good it feels!!!

Anyway the night of the reunion was spent outside a friends house in a cul-de-sac. Very safe. Very easy. Then I drove back to Oxford for the mammoth task of cleaning, packing and finally leaving Bay Cottage. I wouldn’t call it Van Life just yet, I slept in the van but I barely ate or even showered cos I was working so hard. Strangely I felt more vulnerable there than anywhere I’ve stayed yet. Even though I know the village is safe and the van has been fine out there for weeks before, once I was in it I realised how fast everyone drives. The van shook with the cars that broke the speed limit and what a lot of them there were!

On the Monday I had a silly moment. I was tired, I’d worked really hard but I hadn’t eaten all day, I went to the pub in the late afternoon and had a few glasses of wine (I wasn’t driving). I got home, sat down in the van for a moment thinking ‘I’ll just have a little rest and then I’ll clean the bathroom.’ I woke up at 2am! The van and the house were all open! Fortunately it was all fine, but I scared myself. That kind of behavior is foolish and makes me dangerously vulnerable. So I have been much MUCH more vigilant and careful since. There will be no repeats of that!

By the time I handed back the keys to Bay Cottage the van was loaded down with junk again and needed a big sort out and a trip to the charity shops and the bins. I just about managed it, fueled by coffee and lemon drizzle cup cakes my friend next door made for me. I then drove straight to Ant’s workshop, Kustom Revival near Brighton to fit out my electrics.

And that’s my queue to stop. My visit to Kustom Revival deserves a whole post and this one is already reeeaaaaly long, if you’re still reading, thanks. It’s been a hell of a journey! And it’s only the beginning!!

‘Til next time, lots of love,


P.s…. The Great Reveal as I like to call it where I show you the final thing is coming really soon so stay tuned!!! xx



VanLIfeLoy header

In the weeks running up to the Build En France I was researching and planning. I tried to decide as much as possible what I wanted in advance. I drew out a scale drawing of the van and endeavoured to fit in everything I wanted. I thought you might like to see my plan. It was a piece of graph paper that got scrappier and scrappier as I wrote notes and made changes. But this week we have pretty much built exactly what I planned.

Van Plan sml

Week three here of the build has been a bit different. Sunday evening, Jill and her husband Pat and her mum Shelagh, folks we used to live next door to waaaaay back when I was a kid turned up with their Hymer campervan (and Pat’s guitar) to stay for the week. I haven’t seen them since the day they got married 20 years ago! But you’d think it was only yesterday the way we picked up where we left off. There was chatting and drinking, and laughing and jamming! Musicians and campervan enthusiasts – it’s difficult to shut us up!

It’s also really rather handy to have a proper functioning campervan to study at this stage as I try to understand and match certain systems.

Anyway, there are now just five days to go for us to finish the build.

Monday I got bought stain and then prepared the floor boards while Dad fitted the rest of the units. After that I laid the batons and insulated the floor in the living area which is actually beginning to look liveable!


Tuesday. Dad and I laid the main floorboards in the living area. Then we built (and I stained) the drop down seats for the dining room. We also created the table and sunk it’s socket into the floor. That was exciting – gaining a whole dining room! This is Jill trying out one of the seats before we put the table in.


Wednesday I finished off the carpeting and did a bunch of stuff while Dad was off viewing houses that Jill and Pat were interested in buying. When he got back he installed the remaining parts of the shower cubicle and waste pipes. Here’s the shower floor going down.

IMG_4120When he finished for the day I got on to painting stuff, it’s easier with him out of the way. Except that it was nearly midnight and the lights made the white paint glow bright in the darkness attracting lots of flies to get themselves stuck in my fresh topcoat. Doh!

Thursday Dad finished off installing the gas cylinder. And then made the door and installed for the shower while I fitted all the other door handles. When I ran out of jobs to do I started moving some of my things in!!!

We did a whole heap of other little jobs but it got really intense. Our days got longer and longer, and our sleeps got shorter as we approached the deadline so I can’t remember what happened when anymore.

That evening we had a little party. A barbeque with neighbours and friends, both English and French. I got the van out of the hanger, tidied her up a bit, added some soft furnishings and put her on show for the guests several of whom brought me moving in gifts and cards. Ahhh! As the evening faded out we sat around the brazier and Pat and I played guitars and sang ’til the stars came out. Around midnight I retired to spend my first ever night in the van! It was really lovely, lit with my gas camping light and some candle lanterns it was really cosy. In the morning Mum tried to raise me with a cup of tea but she couldn’t wake me. My alarm clock woke me and there was Mum outside tapping on the window. I guess that insulation really keeps the sound out as well as the heat in.

Here’s how the bedroom looked friday morning just before I left complete with Mum’s contribution, curtains for the store.


Dad and I got on it early Friday morning because we still had shelves to build and install plus a few other small jobs like another angler grinder moment cutting down the draw runners from Chris old desk to fit in the van.

IMG_4236Chat Noir Lutine had a naughty moment, just as I was about to put up the full length mirror she went scampering through the van knocked the mirror over and took out my gas lamp at the same time smashing them both all over the floor. – NOT HAPPY JAN! 

I told Dad over breakfast on the last day that I needed to leave at 12:30 to catch the ferry. At 12:32 Dad screwed the last screw into the final lock and I gave everyone rather hurried but emotional hugs, took one last look at the glorious french countryside (above), then I jumped in the van and set off for home!!! I was overcome that we’d actually achieved what I intended in under three weeks! Amazing! My father really is a remarkable man, incredible patience and incredible talent. He has worked so hard and done a really beautiful job on my van. Thank you Dad!!! And thank you Mum for the support you gave us during that intense time. :) xxx

The last (fuzzy) screw!


Couple other things… Injuries!? I made reference in my last blog post to a fellow Dad knew who managed to cut his fingers off with a band saw. Fortunately nothing like that has befallen us. The worst it has got for me was tripping on the step and falling head first out of the van with a bucket of paint – it landed upside down in the mud. I landed knee first, so big bruise, and chest next, on a pot of Polyfiller on top of a leisure battery. It caught me square in the chest I hung suspended for a moment whilst I worked out how to right myself. Dad caught his finger with the air compressed nail gun.. and I also smashed my thumb a couple of times trying to force a very reluctant nail through some carpet. I have a big blood blister and a blackening nail to show for it.

Oooooh! One other thing to mention is that Van Blanc finally has a proper name. Van Blanc wasn’t totally doing it for me. It’s alright as a surname but it’s a bit impersonal. I knew I’d stumble across the perfect name sooner or later, and I did! I have decided to call her Luna. It works for me for several reasons… Firstly, it’s the name of the kitchen we installed, that’s what made me think of it. Secondly the van generally has a white/grey colour scheme throughout – very lunar. I’m a big believer in/noticer of the influences of the moon on our energy – moon woman. Then there’s the illiteration – Luna and Loy. It’s also a nod to those who think I am mad!!! So Luna Van Blanc she shall be named.

I realise you’re probably itching to see proper PROPER photos but I didn’t get chance in France or in the crazy house move that followed and I am now parked up in the Kustom Revival workshop where we have dismantled stuff and made a mess while we fit electrics! So more to follow in the next couple of posts!!!!

Right.. time for me to get back to helping Ant with the electrical installation!

‘Til next time,

Lots of love,



Lutine Feature

VanLIfeLoy header

So it’s the end of week two! Or the beginning of week three… I can’t really tell. The days are merging into each other and it’s all becoming a blur! We have been building this campervan for two solid weeks now with only one day off! It’s really taking shape and although there’s still so much to do, the end is almost in sight! At least I hope it is because come Friday I shall be heading back to Blighty whether we’re finished or not!

After the euphoria of getting started last week I confess, this week has been a mixed bag. We’ve had some highs and we’ve had some really low lows. Dad and I have been working flat out, starting early and working till quite late each day. It’s been um, testing.

On Monday, after a trip to the builders merchant for piping and the like, we started the week with plumbing! First we brought in the 105 litre water tank that I got from Tanks Direct in the UK and stabilised with a frame work built off the bed frame above. Then we used some neoprene reinforced plastic piping to connect it to the pump that I also brought with me. We ran pipe work down the side of the van to supply water to the water heater, shower and sink. Doing all that took Dad virtually a whole day!! When I have a mo I shall dedicate a whole post to the plumbing circuit. In the weeks running up to the build I spent ages figuring out how it should all work but it was frustrating and pieced together from various other folks sites. I wanna tell you exactly what I did where cos I know that’ll be helpful to a whole bunch of you.

During the moments Pa was engaged with plumping and I hadn’t much to do I had a look at my dead locks. Being a girl alone in a van I decided I needed some extra security and so I bought Heosafe internal/external deadlocks for all the doors. I worked out how they work and fit together, and then I fitted three of them. It turned out to be pretty easy. There’s still one left to fit. It needs modifying because it won’t fit round the new windows. We have all we need to do that.. we just need to find the right moment. Anyway. I feel a hell of a lot better for having all those extra security measures in place.

Multi 1 week 2

On Tuesday (after another trip to a different merchant) we decided to test the water system. We hooked up the pump to the van’s cigarette lighter socket and filled the tank up with water. And hey presto! A pressurised water system! That means when you turn on the taps water comes out! That was a serious high point! Running water! Unfortunately first time round a couple of joints leaked but it didn’t take long to fix that.

So Tuesdays task for me while dad was working on water was to wire the lights. I wired all my LEDs and tested them, again with the cigarette lighter plug… My electrics are being done by a professional when I get back to the UK but the cigarette lighter plug gives me enough power to know if I have at least wired them correctly.. Which it seemed I had, till I came to wire in the light switch and then what had worked before suddenly didn’t work anymore. I then spent ages rewiring and double checking everything ’til I eventually realised I had blown the fuse in the plug! Doh. Not because I had done anything wrong but just because the cigarette plug wasn’t built to run a whole lighting circuit. Such a rookie error that I didn’t figure this out until I had re-wired it in every possible combination!

By Wednesday Dad had had his head in the shower cubicle for days. With all the plumbing it requires.. not to mention fitting the fiddly ridiculously shaped walls it was taking a while to take shape and it was draining his energy. But he managed to get most of the basic stud work up and to line it with white plastic sheeting that I’d also sourced back home. As way to make it feel like progress was really occurring I started carpeting the walls wherever I felt it necessary. I really went for it and managed to do the whole bedroom. With the shower cubicle in as well the van felt immediately different. I’m very blessed that not only do I have my father’s workshop to use I also have access to my mother’s sewing room which has an 8ft x 4ft pattern cutting table on which I cut my carpets. I also pilfered some of Mum’s pattern paper to use to help with making insulations mat’s out of the space blanket off cuts, for all the windows.

Lutine Muti

Mum and Dad’s adolescent black cat Lutine, who hangs out with us in the van or the workshop most of the time and who really deserves a blog post all to herself, has provided much comic relief this week. She absolutely loves the carpet and crawls into the roll at any and every opportunity, or supervises the cutting process (see video clip) or she just finds a piece to sit on… Or scratches the recently applied carpet back off the wall – That wasn’t so funny! At one point she even used it to claw her way up onto the roof of the van where, after she’d enjoyed being queen of the castle for a while, she realised she was stuck (for the second time this week) and needed help, in the form of a large timber bridge, back to the ground.

Thursday.. I can’t remember exactly what happened.. I was knackered. Oh yes, I think we went shopping again. This time doing a MAJOR shop! We bought the kitchen!! And pretty much everything else we needed. The pound collapsed after Brexit and the whole shop cost me 20% more than it would have the week before. That was super annoying to know. As soon as we got back to the van we got on to fitting it. We started to make speedier progress because.. well off the shelf kitchen’s are meant to be built pretty fast. While Dad focussed on the kitchen I insulated and built the floor under the bed in the space that will be the boot. Major encouragement factor hit with the installation late Thursday evening of the sink and the hose head tap set into what used to be Chris’s desk!!!


BUT… Friday.. Um, well I’m not too proud to admit I had a really, really bad day. So much so that Dad banned me from the work shop for a while for my own safety. He told me of a time when he’d held a man’s hand when the guy had severed his fingers using a band saw and he wouldn’t let me endanger myself that way on that day… So that really slowed us down and we both felt the strain of the tasks still ahead of us. It felt like far too much in far to short a period of time. I spent a lot of time out the back of the workshop staring at the view.

Workshop View

After lunch I accepted that maybe carpeting, holding stuff and handing over tools was all I was good for that afternoon and progress sped up again.

Today and yesterday were much, much better days. We had some massive encouragement factors from having almost entirely fitted the kitchen and the units/cupboards that are to make up the wardrobe. It’s looking like a real camper van now!!

So here we are, the end of week two.. About to launch into the final straight of the French part of the build. This is what the kitchen looks like so far, along with a little section of the shower. It’s not actually blue. that’s just the protective film on the plastic!

End of week one

Dad has done a truly amazing job this week! And so has Mum, not only in looking after us workers but also making me curtains for the store at the back. I’ll feature them next time when there are hung.

Now it’s gone midnight and I’ll off to get stain for the floor in the morning so I can spend the day prepping the floorboards so I really better get to sleep.

See you next time!





VanLIfeLoy header

Well what an eventful week it has been! I arrived at my parents’ place in Brittany, France on Monday with my van (Van Blanc) and all my worldly belongings. The intention is to build my own custom camper! My dad, master joiner Stephen Loy, has a workshop here and he’s helping me create it. This is where we are working on the van for three weeks, in the hanger that adjoins his shop.


Before I left the UK I emptied the van of everything so this was the blank canvas we started with… It’s a bit dark in the hanger so we hooked up some lights and got to work!


The very first thing we did was level up the van (apparently everything is easier if the floor is level).. and go shopping! On the way to Brico Depot, the French equivalent of B&Q, we chanced upon a camper van shop that sells a heap of stuff we needed. It was like camper van heaven. They seemed to stock everything from tiny clips to brand new sixty thousand euro all singing all dancing campers – I wasn’t tempted, not quite my style, too much old retired couple and not enough cool tiny house. See my van Pinterest board if you want to know my influences. But we stocked up there, got space blanket insulation (23 layers!) from Brico and hunted high and low for just the right ceiling boards – That was day one!

Muti Image 1On day two Dad used an angle grinder to rather dramatically cut a big hole in the roof of the van and fit the vents while I routed grooves into the ceiling boards – We tried three different shops and I just couldn’t get the kind I wanted so I made them in the end. I am by no means the skilled craftsman that my father is but he has taught me a fair amount over the years, I used to work with him making kitchens and windows from scratch to earn money while I was at uni, so I am not entirely without skills.

Next we decided where all the electrics would go and placed the wires. Then we lined the ceiling with the space blanket and started fixing up the boards.

On the third day we finished fixing the ceiling boards and I filled any holes and detail sanded as necessary while Dad started to insulate the walls. When I was done with the ceiling I joined in with the insulating. I couldn’t believe how the van swallowed up a whole roll of rock wool and then some fibre glass that Dad had lying around. Lastly we re-fitted the ply lining that I took off the day I bought the van, and then dashed up to the house to shower off the itch from the fibre glass – Ugh I hate that stuff. Oh we also used up two cans of expanding foam.. for a while there Van Blanc looked like it had been attacked by green alien goo creatures! :D

Multi Image 2

Having observed others creating self-build campers I have been surprised at the order in which we have been doing this build. Usually it seems folks do all their insulation, all their wiring, all their carpets etc. But Dad, being a strong believer in the encouragement factor decided that he wanted to do things that made it feel like progress was swift and rewarding. He applied this strategy from the beginning and so I was very excited that next he wanted to build the bed while I painted the ceiling! These were things I thought we’d do much later but they really were a massive boost of encouragement cos they looked great and made it feel like the van is really becoming a camper – The bed is also the point from which all the other measurements for the installation begins so it’s pretty important. That picture of me above (looking all workman-y sans make-up avec sawdust and paint blobs ;) ) was taken at the very end of the day when we had the immense satisfaction of testing the mattress – Lying down after two days of working on the ceiling, oh it felt sooooo good!

Come day five progress slowed a bit. We were both getting tired. That and we’d decided to move on to fitting the shower cubicle which is pretty complicated stuff (given there are almost no properly flat/straight lines in the van). I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge my father has, that he knows how to undertake all this stuff! Let me state right now that if it wasn’t for all his experience, expertise and his properly kitted out workshop, I would not undertake this challenge. It’s a DIY camper yes but DIY with a pro! Although like me, he’s never actually done a camper conversion.

Anyway, we installed the water tank, built a shelf for the water pump and built a couple of shower walls. Then we planned for tomorrow’s trip to Brico and the installation of the water system… I’ll share photos of all that next time. For now the work in progress kinda looks like this! :) IMG_3839

Today we took a day off. It’s my parents 41st wedding anniversary and so went to a market by the sea, had lunch in a restaurant on the front, went for a stroll along the beach in the sunshine before getting a sorbet on the way back. It was glorious! If you want to see photos of all that too, more (different) photos of the build, and the day to day bits of this project and visit to France check out my Instagram.

So now I am off to bed it’s an early start tomorrow. We’re plumbing!!

‘Till next time.

Love to you all,